Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is a Blog?

A Blog is short for WeB log, and as the name suggests, is a website which serves as an online log which is a journal or diary.

It is set up to quickly add short articles on a daily basis. Since content is usually fresh and added frequently, generally search engines crawl it more frequently than other websites.

A hand-written journal or diary is usually created sequentially with each new item placed after the last one. The same thing can be done on a Blog, so newer items are at the end of the blog. However, if a Blog is presented like a paper journal, anyone reading the Blog for new entries must go to the end of the list; if the list is long, this could take a while.

The ACSian Nostalgia Blog was the third or fourth attempt at creating a shared website for our cohorts, and it has gained more traction, contributions and visitors than prior attempts.

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