Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mission of this Blog : Part 2

As this blog is written, it becomes clearer on what needs to be accomplished.  The contents here will not make you an expert on the computer; the goal here is to you make you a more informed consumer so that you can ask the right questions, and provide the appropriate answer when talking to someone who is more knowledgeable.

Just as driving a car does not require a deep understanding of the internal combustion engine, so using the internet, the web, and computers does not require deep knowledge of these topics.  Instead enough information is needed to get your job done and to use it effectively.

So in addition to How To and What Is topics, upcoming articles will include those that begin "How to Get Help with.." such as "How to Get Help when my Internet is not working?"

What do you think of this as a goal?  Please put your questions and comments here.  No question coming from my cohorts will be considered unimportant and trivial.

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