Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is a Yahoo!Group?

"A Yahoo! Group is any group — your family, friends you see every summer, business associates, your book group, etc. — that uses Yahoo! Groups to privately share info, images, ideas and more — on the web. It’s free, secure and spam-protected." ... from Yahoo!Groups help page
"Yahoo! Groups operate as both electronic mailing lists and Internet forums. Group messages can be posted and read by e-mail or on the Group homepage, like a web forum. Members can choose whether to receive individual e-mails or daily digest e-mails, or to read the posts at the web site. Some Groups are simply announcement lists, to which only the Group moderators can post, while others are discussion lists.

As well as providing e-mail relaying and archiving facilities for the many lists it hosts, the Yahoo! Groups service provides additional functions on the web site, such as voting and calendar systems and file uploading. The basic mailing list functionality is available to any e-mail address, but a Yahoo! ID is required for access to other features.
Yahoo! Groups competitor is Google Groups." --- from Wikepedia
So what does all this mean?
A Yahoo!Group is a combination of an email list and a website for posting messages, articles, photos, calendars, and other information.

A Yahoo!Group has one and only one owner at any one time, and usually is the creator of the Group. If the owner decides that he or she no longer wants to be the owner, he or she has to find someone else to become the owner, or delete the group, or just stop responding to queries. The owner is the one who has ultimate say on what the group does, and who can do what to it, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Yahoo!Group.

The Yahoo!Group has 1 or more moderators. Moderators serve at the pleasure of the group owner, and the owner decides what privileges a moderator should get. Note that the owner is also a moderator. There are also members and anonymous visitors.

We generally think of the owner, moderators, members and visitors as individuals or people. Actually in the definitions above, the owner, moderators and visitors mean individual email addresses. So the same person with multiple addresses is considered different people for the Yahoo!Group.

When a group is first started, the Group owner defines the purpose and sets up policy subject to the Terms of Services of Yahoo!Groups. In order to do that, the Group owner has to provide an email address, and get a Yahoo!ID. The Yahoo!ID is like an login to Yahoo for using Yahoo Services.

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