Friday, October 10, 2008

What is a Google Group?

"A Google Group is a user-owned group created using the Google Groups service. Google Groups not only allows you to manage and archive your mailing list, but also provides a method for true communication and collaboration with group members. Unlike other free mailing list services, Google Groups offers generous storage limits, customizable pages, and unique management options. As always, Google Groups displays only relevant text ads (never banners or pop-up ads)" ... from Google Groups Help pages

"Google Groups is a free service from Google where groups of people have discussions about common interests. Internet users can find discussion groups related to their interests and participate in threaded conversations, either through the Google Groups web interface, or by e-mail. They can also start new groups. Google Groups also includes an archive of Usenet newsgroup postings dating back to 1981 and supports reading and posting to Usenet groups.Users can also set up mailing list archives for e-mail lists that are hosted elsewhere." ... from Wikipedia

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