Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why doesn't my latest posting appear at the top of the blog?

There are situations where the latest postings do not appear at the top of the blog.  This happens when you start a blog posting, interrupt yourself to do something else, then complete another posting.  When you subsequently finish the first posting and click on [PUBLISH POST], the posting time is the time at which the posts were started.

The order in which posts appear in the blog is normally sorted by posting date and time order.  It is possible to modify the posting date and time by clicking on the [Post Options] lable when you are creating or editing a blog, and put in the posting time.  When you then publish the post, this will put the posting in the previous place.  By putting a  Post date and time in the future and then pressing [PUBLISH POST], you can specify when the post will show up on the blog.

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